Attorney Ziad Youssef, a Bellingham DUI Lawyer with experience in over 1200 DUI cases and over 1000 Criminal Defense Case in Washington speaks to a father who's son was facing the most difficult challenge of his life worked with Ziad for over a year to achieve an unprecedented result in court on his charge of Vehicular Homicide.

What other attorneys are saying...

"I endorse Ziad Youssef's work. Ziad is a great lawyer and a wonderful business partner. I am lucky to work with such a considerate and intelligent man. On both civil and criminal matters Ziad is always prepared for trial or willing to make a deal with the other side (as long as it substanially benefits our client.) If I ever had a legal issue, I would seek out the professional advice of Ziad Youssef. I have always felt that he was a person of integrity and honor. He's a mensch among lawyers."

—Aaron Lukoff, Atty. | Bellingham WA

"Ziad is highly professional and knowledgeable in criminal law, DUI, and traffic infraction matters. I constantly bounce ideas off of him. He is a credit to the profession, and a trusted colleague."

—Alexander Ransom, Atty. | Bellingham WA

"I heartily endorse Ziad. I have found him to be very professional and very intelligent. When I have an question or issue with a case, I call on Ziad for his opinion. I trust him."

—Carl Munson, Atty. | Bellingham WA

"Ziad is one of my favorite colleagues. He is witty, charming, and very knowledgeable in all facets of traffic law and criminal defense."

—Jeffrey Lustick, Atty. | Bellingham WA

What our clients are saying...

"Awesome and easy going just got my ticket dropped! Thanks so much!"
—Julian Walls

"He saved my ass big time thank you so much !!!!!!"
—Conner Nolan

"This is the first time I have ever used a lawyer to fight a ticket. I usually just pay it and take the hit to my driving record. The cost of my ticket was lower than their fee, so I was skeptical at first. With the amount of infractions I already had on my driving record, I was told by many to call Ziad, as it would be a better option than taking another hit to my record and inflating my insurance rate. So glad I did! I just got a notice saying my case was dismissed. Easy process, super friendly staff. Thank you!!"
—Mandie Lorraine

"The level of service that Ziad and his team provide is and will continue to revolutionize the industry. Highly recommend!"
—Leo S. Cohen

"Awesome experience. Very simple. My traffic man took care of everything. I didn't even have to go to court. My speeding ticket was reduced to a simple parking violation. Thank you Jade Thomas for recommending this to me."
—Jesse Pagnossin

"Always a positive experience. After using the app for multiple tickets I referred all my family members to the App. Have saved myself and family members high insurance rates and even licence suspension for a couple of 16 year old drivers who made some traffic mistakes. Definitely recommend using this App! It has saved my family money and stress! And So simple to use!"
—Jade Thomas

"Not going to get into specifics of my case but I'll say this... Everyone I dealt with was super friendly, educated, and helpful. By far the best experience I've had dealing with lawyers. Can't recommend them highly enough if you need a traffic lawyer!"
—Matt Koch

"Ziad goes above and beyond to help those in need. He has helped me a lot along the way and is more than just a lawyer. Put all 2nd doubts aside. This is the only firm to trust with your life."
—Carter Leland

"Ziad helped me and several friends appear before the judge for bogus traffic violations. He is courteous, professional, and prompt. It's amazing he costs so little, by comparison, he's worth so much!"

"Mr. Youssef assisted my organization in several legal contracts between workers and my company. He made it a point in the contracts to cover all the basis to protect my organization against any lawsuits or claims that are not just. I was very pleased with his efficiency and work. I look forward to dealing with Mr. Youssef on a personal or business basis in the future. Thank you again, sir!!!"

"Ziad has all of the above qualities in spades...not to mention a sense of humor! His great lawyering rescued me from quite a mess and I will forever be greatful."

"I had never had a good experience with a lawyer until I met Mr. Youssef. He treated me with dignity and respect from the minute I walked in his door. He is a very informed and knowledgeable attorney. He knew every law that pertained to me and gave me many options He actually listened to me!!! He always told me what was going on, what would happen next. Thank you, Mr. Youssef, for your help."

"Ziad took care of a couple of traffic violation for me with no problems. He also worked on several business related inquiries including contracts, legal letters, supplier negligence and logistical issues we had with our carriers. All resulted in highly favorable results for our company. I am highly impressed with his ability to extract any piece of information from any document/contract and use it to our advantage. Ziad is alway on our mind whenever a legal issue needs attention and he is first on our rolodex."