DRAEGER 9510 DUI Breath Test Instrument

OCTOBER 2016: We got some really exciting news in DUI breath test world yesterday. The Snohomish County District Court Judges (all 9 of them) signed an ORDER throwing out all breath test results from the new breath test instrument called the DRAEGER 9510: VIEW COURT RULING

The court decided that the State had failed to do proper software testing on the machine before putting it in use, and without that software analysis, the court held that ALL breath test results produced by the instrument were unreliable and therefore inadmissible in court.

BACK STORY: This is a DUI challenge that involved many DUI attorneys from across the State, including our MyTrafficMan affiliate Ziad Youssef, pooling their resources to bring this issue to light. Here's a link to a short memo I wrote on the Back Story leading up to the latest ruling from yesterday: VIEW MEMO

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